A birthday gift

My friend Seth just bought me the domain ferrouswheel.com as a belated birthday present. Which is awesome, but is actually more than that, because once ferrouswheel.com came up I was offered the domain from Digital Caucus Inc for $US 99 a few weeks ago – a lot more than a normal registration. Although I’d heard about Domain Tasting and Kiting, I didn’t put 2+2 together because I was just excited about the potential of getting the domain (yeah, I’m a geek!). Seth, however, is far more on to it and he checked the domain out to find out that the domain was actually free now and registered it for me. Thank you!

And as a karmic return, I suggest you check out his company’s Firefox plugin Interclue. It’s been featured on the Firefox recommended plugins page and gives you a preview of links before you decide to click on them. It’s alot better than those web based pop-ups that try and preview pages for you.