There’s currently a billboard up around the Basin Reserve that says “Vacant”, indicating that it’s for hire. It also has a picture of Paris Hilton, which I find mildly discomforting. It’s all very well having trashy magazines with Celebrity slander, even if it’s just fostering unhealthy human behaviour (where the only option for people envious of others lifestyles is to pick them apart so that they can say those celebrities don’t have it so great after all… instead of actually going out and doing something about changing their lives). It’s another thing to plaster a giant billboard with a celebrity face and suggestively indicate there is nothing going on in their head.

As much as some people might not like it, Paris Hilton is actually pretty intelligent with an IQ in the upper quartile from the last I read – although I’m missing references for it – she’s fostered the ditzy blond image because it caters to a greater section of society, and thus the better to sell her brand. People in general don’t like to feel inferior or dumb (see the above paragraph about picking apart celebrity lives) so why would Paris try to convince people otherwise? I wouldn’t be surprised if the billboard company was paying her to put her image on the billboard (otherwise that Wellington company is potentially in for a world of hurt). I’m not saying I’d personally sell my identity as stupid so that I could make money, but you’ve got to give it to the girl for convincing most the world of her visage of stupidity… so much so that she’s associated with the word “vacant” on billboards half way around the world.