Bits and bobs as we enter 2010

  • OpenCog is getting get a bit of comment on twitter, which might in part be due to it being linked on Hacker News.
  • I’ve started up at Jai Thai Kickboxing, which is just around the corner from where I live so I hope to get 4-5 sessions in a week. After my first session my shins and feet are somewhat bruised, this could indicate that my technique leaves something to be desired. Equally likely however is that my shins just need to harden up!
  • I read in the paper that Avatar is the faster movie to reach a billion dollars at the box office. It was very pretty, but it was also only a passable story. I hope that Avatar’s success will show the movie industry that they need to adapt by making cinema an immersive experience so that they are providing people a reason to go to the cinema instead of watching movies at home.
  • My life experience keeps expanding and it makes me feel alive. I stand by my assertion that the meaning of life is experience.