This is a list of projects that I’m associated with:


  • NetEmpathy – My startup which provides sentiment analysis and opinion mining as a public API. We are currently seeking investor funding.
  • OpenCog – An open-source artificial general intelligence (AGI) framework.
  • MDiG – An open-source biological spread simulation package.
  • Illuminati Temple – A new multi-level sound camp for KiwiBurn 2010: “Elementality”.
  • ClipLauncher – Adoption of maintaining a JazzMutant Lemur template that hooks up to Ableton Live. I fixed some stuff in LiveOSC and optimised the scripting in the Lemur template.
  • Speed of Sound – A dynamic and interactive sound visualiser I made with friends for a dance party by the same name. Built with Processing P5 and controlled by the Jazzmutant Lemur.


These projects I used to be involved with or develop, although I don’t have time to do so anymore.