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Views on copyright

Someone I know is quite vehement about the obsolescence of copyright, or that it at least needs to be radically reworked to be tenable in today’s environment. The environment of (almost) zero cost duplication for many copyrighted products. When it comes down to it, writing is data, music is data, and potentially, even physical objects will easily be duplicated. I’m close to that camp, but I don’t believe all data should automatically be free.

On creating something, I think you should be able to profit from your labour, but attempting to control unofficial spread of something is usually futile [1] – the big music industry would be well advised to learn something from that, except I’m sure they’ll opt to go down kicking and screaming.

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The Presets’ My People

Such an awesome music video (via His Whoreness). Hang in until at least half way, then it gets really cool.

My People – The Presets
Uploaded by modularpeople

I can’t wait to see them along with Daft Punk this Friday in Melbourne!

Mix for download

I’ve kept my DJ website with it’s mixes mostly separate from here, but thought my last mix was sufficiently different that it might appeal more to some of my other readers. There’s some Coil, Radiohead, Recoil, Jordan Reyne, and Tori Amos in there among others.

Check it out if you feel like listening to a trip-hoppy mellow mix for a change.

JetPilot – Times like these…

Survivalism and JetPilot in Auckland

SInce Wildebeest Asylum made the comment about the last two NIN videos being quite boring (which I mostly agree with), I thought I should post the video for Survivalism. I think it’s pretty cool, and completely fits in with where the new album is going:

Also, in the vein of Barnes’ face in Roskilde, my friends in Wellington (lead by the magnificent Tatjna) pioneered a plan to bring my face to the Bliss rave in Auckland. My doppelganger is a little hussy.

Again I will say it

The new Nine Inch Nails album is superb. Even though I’ve only heard 5 of the leaked/radio broadcast songs (the album has 15):

Me, I’m not
My Violent Heart
In this Twilight
The Beginning of the End

I feel a NIN obsession rising within me again, eek!

Did someone tell me that NIN was playing in Sydney soon? I may have to rob a bank to steal the money I need for this.

I just want to say

that I think NIN’s Year Zero TBR April is going to bring back the days of The Downward Spiral. My Violent Heart is awesome.

Also, I am back from KiwiBurn. People liked to dance while I DJed. Yay!

I have too much bandwidth.

Obviously I overestimated how popular I’d be on the internets. 😛

Disk Space:      627.00 MB of 100000.00 MB (0.63%)
Bandwidth:  1314.00 MB of 1000000.00 MB (0.13%)

Still it’s good to have leeway, and I still have several more sites to host. Such as AmplifyMe and YourOI.com.

Also when my White Elephant radio show starts up in February, I’m going to record them and post them on my JetPilot site. I suspect they might downloaded a fair bit if I’m broadcasting their availability to most of Christchurch. Plus there is a steady increase in the number of visitors downloading my mixes. Yay!

Also my first live (in front of an audience that is, I’ve played live on radio) DJ gig is going to be at KiwiBurn. Rock!

Frabtabulous greetings 2007

I spent the entry of 2007 at Destination: Decadance. It was a big ol’ dance party in Wellington with two zones. I indulged in substances I hadn’t had before, resulting in me being a bundle of love and happiness and dancing till sweat poured out of my face.

One of the best NYEs in some time (I think I’m getting bored of alcohol).

Briefly my goals this year are:

Become an optimist even if my brain chemicals tell me otherwise.
Finish my PhD.
Get regular DJ gig in a club.
Moderate the drinking.
Cut down on the fatty foods.
Gym every weekday morning, run every evening.