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A birthday gift

My friend Seth just bought me the domain ferrouswheel.com as a belated birthday present. Which is awesome, but is actually more than that, because once ferrouswheel.com came up I was offered the domain from Digital Caucus Inc for $US 99 a few weeks ago – a lot more than a normal registration. Although I’d heard about Domain Tasting and Kiting, I didn’t put 2+2 together because I was just excited about the potential of getting the domain (yeah, I’m a geek!). Seth, however, is far more on to it and he checked the domain out to find out that the domain was actually free now and registered it for me. Thank you!

And as a karmic return, I suggest you check out his company’s Firefox plugin Interclue. It’s been featured on the Firefox recommended plugins page and gives you a preview of links before you decide to click on them. It’s alot better than those web based pop-ups that try and preview pages for you.


So I’ve finally converted the various blogs I used to update to WordPress-ยต which simplifies managing them a whole lot, and thus will hopefully also mean more updates across the board. Plus, I’ve also enabled the LJ cross-poster so that I no longer have a split between my personal blog and LJ.

There will of course be some posts on LJ that are still friends-locked and don’t appear at http://ferrouswheel.me but recently they’ve been few and far between.

Off to the land of Oz

I’m not a particular regular updater with this particular blog (too many things have been demanding my attention lately), but I thought I’d drop a note to say I’ll be off the radar for a week or so…

I’ll be attending Burning man. I’m immensely looking forward to this as this is the first year in several that’s actually been feasible for me to get there from New Zealand. I’ll be with an Australian theme camp called Straya that a friend of mine put me in contact with, and who’ll also be there.

As well as Burning man, I plan to hang out in Washington D.C with Ben to talk about our work on OpenCog. Then I’ll stay in San Francisco for 5-6 weeks (end of Sep till start of Nov) to attend the Singularity Summit followed by the CogDev Workshop (an OpenCog coding jam, details to be finalised, but likely to be just after the Summit).

If you’ll be at any of these events and want to chat, drop me a line ๐Ÿ™‚

Portal page operational

I finally got around to (mostly) finishing my portal page. I still have to write my bio, and add an up to date resume, but it’s some progress at least!

This also means I fixed the lifestream link on the menubar. For those who haven’t heard the term before, a lifestream conglomerates RSS feeds from various sources. So my flickr pictures, my blog posts, etc. are all listing chronologically.

I have too much bandwidth.

Obviously I overestimated how popular I’d be on the internets. ๐Ÿ˜›

Disk Space:      627.00 MB of 100000.00 MB (0.63%)
Bandwidth:  1314.00 MB of 1000000.00 MB (0.13%)

Still it’s good to have leeway, and I still have several more sites to host. Such as AmplifyMe and YourOI.com.

Also when my White Elephant radio show starts up in February, I’m going to record them and post them on my JetPilot site. I suspect they might downloaded a fair bit if I’m broadcasting their availability to most of Christchurch. Plus there is a steady increase in the number of visitors downloading my mixes. Yay!

Also my first live (in front of an audience that is, I’ve played live on radio) DJ gig is going to be at KiwiBurn. Rock!

Transition to WordPress

I’d had enough of blogger and have moved to WordPress.

I must thank ady for creating the import script I used. It allows you to work around the fact that WordPress doesn’t currently support imports from Blogger 2.0.