My name is Joel Pitt, aka ferrouswheel, I work on the open source AGI framework OpenCog and the open source biological spread simulation package MDiG. I’ve also created various other open source projects, including a novel DNA microsatellite search algorithm called RepeatFinder, and helped a friend with a few of his games like NATOW and GLChess (although the latter was more in an advisory and “hey! that looks cool” kind of way).

I went to the University of Canterbury, where I convinced them to let me do the equivalent of a Bioinformatics honours degree (half molecular biology and half computer science, with a pinch of high level maths). I then went to Lincoln University, where I obtained a PhD with a thesis entitled Modelling the Spread of Invasive Species over Heterogeneous Landscapes (I’ll post and release it under Creative Commons eventually).

Here are some videos of stuff I’ve been involved in:

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