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Irssi and proxy

So I finally got around to setting up an IRC proxy on my server. I do all my OpenCog collaboration via email and IRC, and if I switch off my laptop or go travelling with it, I’ll often miss out on possibly important conversations. I’ve also been wanting to set up automatic uploads of the log to the OpenCog wiki so that others can checked what’s been mention too.

So, enter irssi a console based IRC client which is super configurable and awesome. Of course, because it’s console based and super-configurable, it takes a little bit of learning to understand how to use it properly, but it’s worth it (just like Vim). If you’re on Ubuntu/Debian it’s as easy as:

sudo apt-get install irssi irssi-scripts

irssi has a cool plugin called irssi-proxy, which sits in irssi and pretends to be an IRC server. You connect to it with whatever (and however many) IRC client you like, and it’ll route all IRC messages to you… and also messages from any clients connected. So, to the appearance of everyone else, there’s only one ferrouswheel connected 24/7, but locally I might be connecting to and from my proxy with laptop, work computer, phone.

There’s a reasonably nice guide to getting things set up over here, although I skipped the whole ssh tunnel thing, since I’m connecting over a locally secured wifi and it’s not like I’m discussing topics of national security (at least, not yet! ;-P)


So I’ve finally converted the various blogs I used to update to WordPress-µ which simplifies managing them a whole lot, and thus will hopefully also mean more updates across the board. Plus, I’ve also enabled the LJ cross-poster so that I no longer have a split between my personal blog and LJ.

There will of course be some posts on LJ that are still friends-locked and don’t appear at http://ferrouswheel.me but recently they’ve been few and far between.