Face the facts!

Billboard at bus stop: “Smoking causes 5000 deaths a year in New Zealand. Face the facts!”

What about aging – which is currently inescapably and is what really kills most people? Smoking just accelerates the accumulation of cell damage. Why limit ourselves to aging that’s caused by one particular vice? Breathing causes oxidative damage, and caloric restriction increases longevity. Should we also make billboards that say “Hyperventilation and eating more calories than necessary cause X deaths a year. Face the facts!”.

According to Wikipedia, New Zealand has a 7 in 1000 death rate. That’s 0.7 % or just over 30,000 (going by the current population figures as shown on Wikipedia). I find the attribution of 5000 of these being “caused” purely by smoking a slight exaggeration, but without them citing their sources, they could really make up any number they like.

Alternatively, I think it’d be more amusing to have a billboard that said either:

  • “Entropy marches relentlessly on! Face the facts!”
  • “You’re going to die! Face the facts!”

But y’know, SmokeFree New Zealand would probably change their marketing director if that happened. 😉


#1   Bex on 05.19.09 at 4:49 am

“Physical Immortality is a scientific impossiblity! Face the facts!”

And have a smoke to pass the time.. 🙂

#2   Joel on 05.19.09 at 8:25 am

Well, it’s currently not possible, but there’s nothing in science that says it’s impossible. I’m actually hanging out for SENS and the Methuselah M-Prize to bear fruit.

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