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BIL and TED’s excellent adventure

You’ve heard of TED talks right?

Well here’s BIL (Brilliance. Ingenuous. Lounge.) an event in a similar vein, an “open, self-organizing, emergent, and anarchic science and technology conference”. If you’ve heard of Foo/Bar camps, then it’s a similar kind of relation.

Only problem with all the cool conferences I see is that they are all in America, and often California. Hopefully I’ll get to time some of my trips later this year to coincide with some.

Turning a sphere inside out…

A video with a really great explanation of curve numbers and how to turn a sphere inside out.

My spatial mind felt a mite expanded after watching it.

Haven’t been writing much here due to being very busy. I’ve moved to Wellington, I went to Kiwiburn, I’ve started contract work continuing my PhD work part time, and also developing artificial general intelligence for OpenCog.