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Amarok collection scan stalling

I’ve got a reasonable sized music collection (just over 300 gig when I last checked) and I’ve had trouble finding software that can really deal with it. It windows there is the awesome MediaMonkey, and although there are lots of promising candidates on Linux, nothing quite matches it. The closest, in terms of usability AND polish (I don’t have time to muck around fiddling with my music player anymore) is Amarok.

Recently however, my collection has lost some of it’s tidiness, and there are quite a few tracks that are broken. Some of these cause Amarok to stall while doing a collection scan. It took me ages to find a small mention of how to find more detail about what file is being scanned. In the end I found out that ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/collection_scan.log contains the file currently being scanned. Thus, if you run:

$ watch cat ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/collection_scan.log

You can keep an eye out for if a media file is taking an excessively long time to be processed. If it is, then you can either delete it (if it’s well and truly screwed) or move it or rename it to an extension that Amarok won’t scan. Unfortunately you have to rescan the collection from the start again, but eventually you’ll get there!

One day I’ll sit down, get a virtual machine running and use MediaMonkey everywhere. Either that or create my own client for XMMS2 that is on par with MediaMonkey.