New Zealand Customs ignores TSA locks

So yesterday, at the end of my journey from Vancouver, my luggage got left in Sydney, Australia. Whereas I went all the way through to Christchurch. “That’s fine” I thought, since Christchurch airport promised to deliver the luggage to my house the next day.

It just arrived. But one of the zippers is broken off, and my Travel Security Agency/Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs registered lock was removed. Now these locks are MEANT to be opened without damage by custom’s people. But it seems New Zealand Customs doesn’t do this, they just break the fuckers off. I rang them and they just laughed at the suggestion that they’d have a master key for them (which other countries do).

My advice: next time you go travelling don’t bother buying the expensive $30 TSA locks, just buy a few shitty $2 shop jobs. So much for buying something to last, instead it’s a disposable throwaway culture in New Zealand official-dom. Green and clean New Zealand? Whatever.

(I might be particularly pissed off since it was annoying enough to have my bag left behind, and this is just the thing that’s put me over the edge).


#1   Skarnz on 11.15.07 at 5:25 am

Man. Sounds like a huge pile of arse.

and the guy laughed at you over the phone…?

Man. I’d be in shit if I ever did that to someone at work.

#2   Joel on 11.15.07 at 3:40 pm

Well it wasn’t a blatant laugh, just a chuckle. But still not very helpful.

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