Drugs compared to mountaineering

The article linked below calls for the general public and policy makers to talk about drugs openly, and stop negative rhetoric about them, and actually discuss the issues instead of fear-mongering (via Tatjna).

In particular, the comparison to mountaineering is quite nice:

The truth is that recreational drug taking is like mountaineering. When all goes well, as it does most of the time, the experience can be fun and even profound. Not only can the experience be great, it can also give the adventurer insights into his or her own character and the workings of the brain, insights that can be applied to the rest of life. But drug taking, like mountaineering, can be dangerous.

Let’s all grow up, stop pushing lies and have an honest debate about drugs


#1   Zeren on 10.05.07 at 1:31 pm

Given the choice and the scope as “recreational”, I’d prefer mountaineering, or hiking, less dangerous. It’s a matter of choice of course and it should be, sure.

#2   Andrew Brown on 10.06.07 at 7:12 pm

I fully agree. Not much to discuss. Drugs can be dangerous, but they’re not always. Why should people be prevented from making educated decisions about them?

#3   Zeren on 10.06.07 at 11:46 pm

I agree with you, no, no that’s not what I meant if I’m not misunderstanding you. I meant hiking is less dangerous compared to mountaineering and that’s why I’d choose hiking over mountaineering. Well, that’s me here liking the safe side. I also do try to mean people should be able to make educated decisions about drugs or anything, sure. It’s also I try to say as far as I know of the world of today, it is far from today that everyone can consider a recreational use of drugs or also of hiking but that is perhaps easier to consider even for a barely dressed and hungry child on the street. I think about societal problems associated with drugs and try compare it to problems assoc with mountaineering, which I’m having difficulty in seeing any. That’s my concern on drugs and I proved my odd personality once more here thank you.

#4   dont wanna be known on 01.22.08 at 2:40 pm

i think that people make there own decisions for areason because i know how it feels to be in this situation…
and drugs are not a good thing to use when having problems is not the fastest way to make things look or feel better
i agree with taking a walk or going mountaineering because it lets us see the world in so many ways…but drugs just make us relax and makes us do the stupidest things and we dont realize they way we are….after we are told how we looked
wow…i can’t believe so many of us go throw this things every day.
we always have a second chance to change and just look back at the things we do..but thats how life is.If we dont wanna learn the good way i guess we are going to learn the hard way
im not shy about talking about this things because i know am not the only one that goes throw this things…
and sometimes i look back and wish i can go back and i think about how am hurting myself and the people that love me .

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