Google stole my idea!

You can ask Panda_pitt or Mundens, I had an idea about making a meme where people video themselves catching and then throwing a ball (or something) in a youtube video. It has no purpose, but it’d be fun to watch. And you could make a web-app mashup with google maps to show where the ball was travelling.

Google has decided to make one for GMail, showing a GMail envelope going around the world. Of course my idea was to automate the whole thing, and Google is going to just select the best ones and put them together manually, probably for an ad or something.


#1   Rob Hunter on 08.03.07 at 4:18 am

That is kind of cool. I guess that Google’s MentalPlex technology is bearing fruit.

Also, the LJ markup doesn’t quite, er, work.

#2   Joel on 08.04.07 at 10:24 pm

Yep, I think they’ve been reading my brain for a while now. I gave them the idea for google maps too. 😉

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