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AGISIM – Novamente plays fetch

Just came across this neat video of Novamente playing fetch in AGISIM.

A few years back I started the AGISIM project (the environment in which the Novamente AI is learning) under guidance from Ben Goertzel, but my PhD quickly took over most of my time, so it’s since passed on to Ari Heljakka and others. I’m really impressed to see what they’ve done with it.

Also, the video has excellent choice of music 🙂


Next week I’ll be speaking at the unconference Bar Camp Christchurch, on not one, but two things. First my PhD work and second about the Singularity. Seth, the founder of Interclue, invited me along, since he’s interested in tech/singularity stuff and thought it’d be a nice opportunity to spread the idea to those that hadn’t heard it.

Of course these’ll be smart geeks I’m talking to, so I’ll have to do my best to convey the ideas well because the singularity is often just relegated to crack pottery.

Think I’ll watch some TED talks of other presenters explaining similar concepts and peruse the SIAI website for useful info.

Minesweeper, the movie.

This made me laugh like hell.

The loss of limbo

I promise I won’t do this often, but this poem from this book sums up the first half of this year for me.

My life has fallen down
around me before
–lots of times,
for lots of reasons–
usually other people.

And most of the time
I was fortunate enough
to have a large lump of
that life hit me on the
head and render me numb
to the pain & desolation
that followed.
And I survived.
And I live to love again.

But this,
this slow erosion from below
–or within–
it’s me falling down around my life
because you’re still in that life
–but not really.
And you’re out of that life
–but not quite.

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Google stole my idea!

You can ask Panda_pitt or Mundens, I had an idea about making a meme where people video themselves catching and then throwing a ball (or something) in a youtube video. It has no purpose, but it’d be fun to watch. And you could make a web-app mashup with google maps to show where the ball was travelling.

Google has decided to make one for GMail, showing a GMail envelope going around the world. Of course my idea was to automate the whole thing, and Google is going to just select the best ones and put them together manually, probably for an ad or something.

They say patience is a virtue.

Fallout 3. Screenshots.

I think that’s all I need to say.

There IS location based attacks, and combat uses Action Points, but is a mixture between turn-based an real-time. Still haven’t heard anything about groin shots though, and the one targeting screenshot is only for the upper torso.

I’m excited, but I have to say that the graphics look a little, umm, how shall we say, dated? That might just be a lack of polish though, and they do have over a year to go developing it.