Here a webapp, there a webapp everywhere an appapp

I’ve been mucking around looking at new web apps – since if I ever get round to starting up my web business it’d pay to be up with the play.

Jon mentioned Google Reader, which has made keeping track of my overseas friend’s antics, as well as things like news, tech, and the latest on net music trends (New Zealand clubs are slowly picking up on some of the hot acts coming from France and Australia). What looked really cool though, was Net Vibes which is one of those customisable home pages. I’m not sure I can be bothered setting it up right now, since I like my current set up and have too much other stuff to do, but reckon it’d be worth a look.

I’m also really happy that Google Calender now can remind me of my appointments via SMS. I mean, this isn’t that revolutionary in itself, but c’mon! I’m in New Zealand, and for a cool thing like that to be available for free in NZ is pretty rare.

Facebook now has all those applications you can add in which is pretty fancy. And Twitter lets everyone know what you are doing in a kind of miniblog. Facebook integrates quite well with it, since people like the whole status updating thing. Personally it seems like an inane waste of time, but who am I to judge. Also, I can actually see the use of Twitter when it hooks up to your cell phone, then you can see what your friends are up to… e.g. You have 1 new SMS: “Jennifer is going to see Pirates of the Caribbean”, “oh” you think, “I wanted to see that too and I’m bored I’ll ask if I can join her”.

For those who haven’t already heard about it, Google Gears is an API provided by Google to allow webapps to run offline, or with intermittent connectivity, updating with the server when possible. I reckon this is a big thing, especially with all the Google apps I use. And if you want to know why, you can read about it elsewhere, since lots of people are talking about it.

Lastly, Surface computing looks pretty funky. Maybe Microsoft can be innovative after all:


#1   Bob on 06.02.07 at 11:46 pm

Don’t know if you could call it innovative… Apple is using these sort of ideas; there’s been loads of small projects with these concepts (i.e. the photo sorting etc). It’s good to see someone productising the concept though. (X started getting muti-point support a while ago:

#2   Joel on 06.04.07 at 5:32 pm

Cool, wasn’t aware of MPX.

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