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“Anti Vitamins” Bill

If your a New Zealander and have any interest in supplements/vitamins then please check this out.

The NZ government is trying introduce regulations that will require supplements to go through an expensive approval process and result in:

  • Prices for New Zealand Vitamins and Supplements will increase between 30% and 100%
  • Approximately 60% of your favourite New Zealand product range will be forced from the market due to the new regulatory costs
  • Effective doses will be reduced, meaning many supplements will simply become ineffective. It will eventually be illegal to sell any supplement above the RDI (recommended daily intake).

Plus, this seems a little too convenient in the way it purports the whole bill to be about consumer safety, and ignores that even in comparison to highly regulated pharmaceutical drugs they are ridiculously safe.

Guess I’ll have to go somewhere else to be a transhumanist (they’ve already restricted Modafinil 🙁 ).

Leave my freedoms alone damn you government!

(Thanks tatjna for bring it to my attention)

Warcraft in Southpark

I just recently have been watching the 10th season of Southpark – which I’m finding pretty entertaining after not originally being drawn to the show. The last episode I watched was “Make Love, Not Warcraft” which, as you might guess, is a episode about World of Warcraft. It’s pretty damn funny, and awesome that Blizzard collaborated with them on it.

Fucked up hard drive

So I needed a 300G hard drive to store results from my research, and I asked for an external one so that I could take the results home with me if I wanted to work at home. ITS got me one (after trying to convince to get an internal one, claiming they are more of a risk for data loss) but they got a really crappy no name brand USB enclosure. It generally works okay, but if I start doing heavy amounts of data transfer it dies. And then I can’t actually access the hard drive properly until I turn it on and off again (IT crowd anyone?).

After I switch it back on and try and mount it I get:

mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1,
       missing codepage or other error

How does one fix this? Well…

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Back to Gnome

After spending the last year or so in KDE land, I’ve decided to come back to Gnome and see how I feel.

It’s refreshingly simpler – the other bonus is that it’s the default Ubuntu desktop, so seems to be integrated much better.

GEdit is can be made to look similar to Kate (I wanted to learn VIM, but I don’t have time and I’m probably too lazy) which is nice for me.

I’m going to miss amarok. Although not as much as I thought anymore. People always said amarok was one of those killer apps that are for showing off linux. Well, I recently searched for a replacement for winamp in windows and came across mediamonkey (winamp just wasn’t keeping up with the 220 gigs of music on my server). Mediamonkey is the best damn player/library manager I’ve seen. The only thing I miss is being able to auto view artist’s wikipedia page within amarok, but that’s easily solved with a plugin or script.

Anybody know something that rocks and integrates well with Gnome? It needs to have lots of library management tools and allow libraries to be browsed by directory (using a backend database and without actually searching the directory so that offline drives can be in a collection).

Also, hopefully Feisty Fawn is seriously improved before release, as it isn’t in a state for an general home user to make use of. Either that or I’m doing everything wrong because I’m used to the command line.