Survivalism and JetPilot in Auckland

SInce Wildebeest Asylum made the comment about the last two NIN videos being quite boring (which I mostly agree with), I thought I should post the video for Survivalism. I think it’s pretty cool, and completely fits in with where the new album is going:

Also, in the vein of Barnes’ face in Roskilde, my friends in Wellington (lead by the magnificent Tatjna) pioneered a plan to bring my face to the Bliss rave in Auckland. My doppelganger is a little hussy.


#1   Bob on 03.26.07 at 6:33 pm

And your face also disappeared! Those faces – when they leave their bodies they get up to all sorts of shenanigans!

#2   Jon on 03.27.07 at 6:27 am

Yeah the survivalism video is cool… Your doppelganger looked like it had a good time, not like my doppelganger which is kept locked in the basement and has turned into a freakish eyeless monstrosity that lives only for revenge.

#3   Joel on 03.27.07 at 5:36 pm

@Bob: They think that because they have no body they are free of any consequences. And… I guess they are. 😉

@Jon: I have one of those doppelgangers too, but I buried it in a coffin hoping it’d slowly dissolve into the earth, and stop hissing in my ear.

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