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Survivalism and JetPilot in Auckland

SInce Wildebeest Asylum made the comment about the last two NIN videos being quite boring (which I mostly agree with), I thought I should post the video for Survivalism. I think it’s pretty cool, and completely fits in with where the new album is going:

Also, in the vein of Barnes’ face in Roskilde, my friends in Wellington (lead by the magnificent Tatjna) pioneered a plan to bring my face to the Bliss rave in Auckland. My doppelganger is a little hussy.

Again I will say it

The new Nine Inch Nails album is superb. Even though I’ve only heard 5 of the leaked/radio broadcast songs (the album has 15):

Me, I’m not
My Violent Heart
In this Twilight
The Beginning of the End

I feel a NIN obsession rising within me again, eek!

Did someone tell me that NIN was playing in Sydney soon? I may have to rob a bank to steal the money I need for this.