Supreme Commander

In case you all didn’t all ready know:

Supreme Commander is a new game coming out 23rd Feb and designed by the maker of Total Annihilation.

I hope it is just a fraction as good as TA, and then it’ll still be pretty awesome.


#1   Bob on 01.26.07 at 3:55 pm

It just looks like TA with new graphics. But that’s awesome because there’s no need to tinker with the basic concept. I so want to be tracking waves of bombers with graphics like that 🙂 Looks like it will fix a major problem that was in TA – the units are smaller relative to the map so hopefully no traffics jams (or jams on damage).

Final word: I want one!

#2   Joel on 01.26.07 at 4:03 pm

Oh boy. Sooo pretty.

We have to get the original clan of people together one day and play it! Even if it is just for an online game 🙂

#3   Ben is awesome on 01.28.07 at 11:55 pm

Well jump on Hamachi biarches!!!

I regularly play TA with Ryan and his flat (usually 4 players) and I live 150km from them!! I will ICQ you the detail0rz.

btw FairyPrincess has got SupCom on order for my birthday – how awesome is that!

#4   Joel on 01.29.07 at 12:43 am

Sounds good. Last time I wanted to go on Hamachi your room was full so I just kinda sat around in the Mintflat room I created.

Heidi wins at being an awesome girlfriend 🙂

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