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New Zealand discussing banning party pills

The below is a repost of something tatjna wrote about the inevitable ban on BZP:

You may have heard that they are looking at banning party pills – again. Only this time, it’ll probably actually happen.

Why? Because there has been some ‘new research’ done that indicates that BZP could potentially do harm to one’s liver and heart, if taken more than three times a week over a period of time. The research also says that a tolerance can develop to it. And it has ‘unpredictable and severe side effects.’ This, apparently, makes it ‘dangerous’ and warrants classifying it in the same category as cannabis.

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Transition to WordPress

I’d had enough of blogger and have moved to WordPress.

I must thank ady for creating the import script I used. It allows you to work around the fact that WordPress doesn’t currently support imports from Blogger 2.0.

Frabtabulous greetings 2007

I spent the entry of 2007 at Destination: Decadance. It was a big ol’ dance party in Wellington with two zones. I indulged in substances I hadn’t had before, resulting in me being a bundle of love and happiness and dancing till sweat poured out of my face.

One of the best NYEs in some time (I think I’m getting bored of alcohol).

Briefly my goals this year are:

Become an optimist even if my brain chemicals tell me otherwise.
Finish my PhD.
Get regular DJ gig in a club.
Moderate the drinking.
Cut down on the fatty foods.
Gym every weekday morning, run every evening.