My headphones are fixed

Today I finally fixed my DJ headphones. The plug end had a bad connection. Having headphones give out, even if it is just one channel, is No Good when you are playing live. I thought I better fix it before KiwiBurn.

headphones-fix 003

Anyhow, what follows is a brief description of how to do so.

My headphones are Sony’s MDR-Z700 DJ model. These are apparently exactly the same as the V700 in the States and elsewhere, except they are from the Asian market. I’m pretty sure there are no major differences.

You will need:

  • Solder iron
  • Solder
  • Pliers that can snip
  • A craft knife
  • A lighter
  • A replacement jack plug (make sure it is stereo!)

For me the break in the cable was just near the plug. Which I determined by moving the cable round while listening. Take the pliers and snip the old plug off.

You should be able to see three wires inside the cable. A red (Right channel), white (Left channel), and black (Common/ground) one. Use the craft knife to remove the outer casing of the cable. I found there was a very rubbery outside one, that was thin and black. Then inside that was another black plastic one. Free the 3 small wires so that you have 1-2cm available. Now you can try and scrape the coloured covers off the small wires to expose the actual copper, OR you can do what I do, which is use a lighter to burn the plastic off (just beware that it catches alight and you have to blow it out!). I read the wire is coated in special plastic to stop breaks happening, but this makes it hard to solder. The lighter burns off this plastic seal (See more here).

headphones-fix 002

You then need to put the appropriate spring/screw cover for the replacement jack plug over the wire. So that once you solder the wires to the main jack plug, you can just slide the cover over and screw it in place. Mine also had a plastic sleeve for the inside that needs to go on the cable.

Once you’ve slid those on, you have to solder the wires to the plug. Best to tin both the plug connections and wires first I think. Also read about soldering somewhere if you are unsure about it. The white (Left) cable goes to the central pin as the plug tip is for the left channel. The next section of the plug is the right channel and goes to the middle pin, and the large pin is the common/ground connection. I made a crappy diagram to show you where they are:

Hopefully, if you now slide on the covers and plug it in, everything should work!

Disclaimer: I cannot be responsible for any damage you cause. Whether it is due to you just breaking your headphones, voiding any warranty you have, or burning down your house. This is purely an account of my experience.


#1   Andrew Brown on 01.31.07 at 4:25 pm

Damn I was just about to sue for damaging my head phones until I noticed you had a disclaimer removing you from any responsibility.

#2   Joel on 01.31.07 at 4:29 pm

Ooop, that was lucky. 😛

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