Children of Dune Miniseries

I just finished watching the 5 hours mini-series entitled the Children of Dune. The only Dune book I read was the original, which I really enjoyed but haven’t gotten around to reading anymore – thus I have some background on Dune, but can’t compare how the series relates to the book.

It’s a good thing I had read Dune, otherwise I’d have been a bit lost. They really don’t explain much about what is going on and I didn’t quite understand exactly where everyone was, but I at least had the background story so could still enjoy it. The casting of characters in my opinion was excellent, particular Lady Jessica, Duncan Idaho, and Gurney Halleck – since they matched how I envisioned them while reading Dune.

The story itself seemed very rushed, and I felt I only got a small amount of the experience of actually reading the book.

Apparently the series won a visual effects award or something. While the scope and amount of effects needed to portray Arrakis, the worms, etc. properly is immense, the are not that great. Some of the scenes felt like they were created for an FMV adventure video game.

So I’d give it 6.5/10 tonnes of spice. It could have been MUCH worse, and I still enjoyed the overall experience.


#1   Ben is awesome on 01.18.07 at 11:15 pm

Children of Dune is a very odd book also, and it didn’t really make a lot of sense when I read it. I suspect Mr Herbert may have been into the Herbs while he was writing it…

#2   Joel on 01.22.07 at 1:47 pm

Perhaps one needs said Herbs to really understand the Deeper Meaning involved?

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