Calling all my Electrical Engineering buddies

I have a question which the internet/google didn’t immediately answer for me.

I have a really nice Microsoft (I know that sounds like an oxymoron) USB mouse, but unfortunately the USB cord has given up on it around the plug. My question is thus: Is there anyway of salvaging a mouse that is perfectly fine except for the cable? Is a USB cable able to be repaired at all? I bought a cheap and nasty replacement mouse. But it is cheap and nasty, and so tiny compared to the full bodiedness of the MS one I have. The only upside the the new mouse is that it has a higher sampling rate, which I don’t really care about because I’m more concerned with tendinitis.

I seem to be having lots of trouble with cables, even though I try and be careful with them!

(My expensive DJ headphones have a cable problem. I’ve bought a replacement plug and will try splicing the cable to it, but the headphone is by Sony and they use weird coating on the wires to supposedly stop them from breaking so easily).


#1   Andrew Brown on 01.25.07 at 5:03 pm

Hey man Microsoft make decent hardware!

I imagine you just need to rewire it. I don’t see why you’d need an electrical engineering degree to rewire something that at the absolute most would require an electrician or more realistically a knife and some chewing gum

#2   Joel on 01.25.07 at 5:14 pm

Yeah I agree they make decent hardware, it just felt weird writing it the description 😛

I’m suspecting rewiring is all that is needed. But firstly the USB plug is sealed, so if I break it open I don’t know if it’ll go back together (although I guess I have nothing to lose), and I also haven’t been able to find any modular USB plugs to replace it. Also I’ve no idea how many wires are in the cable and if they are colour coded or not.

#3   Ben is awesome on 01.28.07 at 11:53 pm

Joel, said USB plug was probably assembled by a 12 year old Mexican child. If Sancho can do it you can too…

#4   Joel on 01.29.07 at 12:42 am

Good point Ben ;P

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