Crank and The Departed

A week ago, in a fit of escapism, I went to see two movies in a row: Crank and The Departed. Which I will review very briefly…

The Departed

This follows two undercover agents, Matt Daemon (bad guy playing good) and Leonardo de Caprio (good guy playing bad). It’s pretty awesome, and quite brutal. A longish movie, but definitely worth it.


Crank was a lot more light hearted. Still violent and actiony, but not quite so serious. Right at the start, the main character is been poisoned with a slow acting drug that will eventually kill him. The only thing that delays this is adrenaline which keeps his heart pumping. This results in him running around killing people with the goal of finding his poisoner, ingesting many drugs to keep him going and having sex in front of a crowd with his girlfriend (’cause otherwide he’ll die ya know).


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