Why buying a game doesn’t always pay

I bought Neverwinter Nights 2 yesterday, as something to entertain me when my brain is fried from PhD stuff. Now, I could have downloaded a torrent and all, but I ended up buying it because I want to support more story-based rpg’s.

Unfortunately NWN2 has been released with whole lot of bugs (the game version says 0.95? At the LEAST call it 1.00 even if it isn’t really ready for release) – meaning patch-tastic fun for everyone. But the particular bug I have is particularly annoying – the installer finishes copying all the files, but when attempting to verify the .NET 2.0 framework, my computer bluescreens and reboots. I had almost forgotten that bluescreens existed, thanks for reminding me Windows! Luckily I can play the game afterwards, but the installation didn’t set up the registry properly, so patches refuse to install (“Please reinstall your game”).

I have suspicions that this is to do with me running Windows XP x64 edition. There is mention that the retail version doesn’t come with an 32 bit .NET installer, so I had downloaded the x64 version from M$ and that allowed me to play the game. Before that, the executable would just crash. I’m also assuming that because .NET is required, it’ll be unlikely that NWN2 will ever grace Linux.

The other bug I ran into was “Insufficient disk space to save game” – particularly great if you’ve spent 5 hours playing and then try and save over the save slot you’re using. Because, the wonderful programmers decided to delete the existing game in the save slot before the new save has completely successfully. And BTW, I did have over a gig free for saving, while the save games are only 5-10 meg.

So, that’ll teach me for spending money on a computer game, what a stupid idea THAT was. Instead of a relaxing day escaping recent personal sorrows, I instead get pissed off and frustrated with Atari.

(I hear that x64 isn’t officially supported by NWN2, but really, get with the times. That goes the same for hardware manufacturers – 64 bits drivers please, which would be easy enough if you wrote them half-decent.)


#1   andrew brown on 11.22.06 at 5:18 pm

Paying for something you can pirate never pays. It costs.

#2   Joel on 11.22.06 at 5:25 pm

Buying the game pays the developers. Whereas pirating, costs the developers.

#3   andrew brown on 11.23.06 at 12:39 am

I agree with your first statement but the latter statement is either false or partially false. Pirating ONLY costs the developer if the pirater would have purchased (whatever) if he had not pirated it. If the pirate was never going to buy the item, only pirate it, then no money has been lost.

The creators of 3D Studio Max have actually said that pirating has helped them, not by major companies, but by “hobbyists” who have learnt on pirated software. I guess now though that’s why they release those free “learning editions” with limited output and watermarks

By the way, I’m not “for” pirating, I was merely making a bad joke, but I do disagree with the false testimony of claiming pirating costs developers because it’s flawed statistics based on assumption

#4   Jon on 11.23.06 at 2:42 am

This is why I always read the reviews before I drop a bunch of money on a game. So many are released in an incredibly buggy state nowadays, even on consoles.

#5   Joel on 11.23.06 at 3:15 am

Andrew: Fair enough point.

Jon: I usually am a very cautious consumer, but was lured by it’s big name and the success of the first NWN. I was also feeling impetuous.

#6   Jungle Rhino on 11.25.06 at 7:08 am

I have got so sick of the abysmal state of new computer game releases that I always download them first to see if they are actually worth spending money on. In the case of NWN2 it most definately isn’t. I downloaded it and initially it ran terribly (spent hours trying to make it go fast). I just got the 1.03beta patch which goes a long way to fixing the performance issue however now I can no longer interact with in game vendors. So no buying/selling loot for me! which is pretty much poos on a stick.

NWN2 is a buggy heap of crap in it’s current carnation – I might attempt to play it again in a month or two after more patches but at this stage it is not worth my time.

#7   Joel on 11.25.06 at 4:46 pm

Yeah, it sucks 🙁

I think some people need to redo some software engineering courses.

#8   Skarnz on 11.26.06 at 6:58 am

no buying/selling?



#9   Joel on 11.26.06 at 2:20 pm

lol @ skarnz

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