3 items of note

  1. My shoulder twitches. I’m not sure if I find this better or worse than when my eyelid twitched.
  2. I need a new place to live. If anyone knows someone looking for a flatmate in Christchurch then let me know.
  3. I need everyone’s street address. By everyone I mean the friends that I know, not the internet in general. So send them to my email address – which you should already have. I have plans – happy plans – that I can’t carry out without your addresses.

Plus, although MySpace is a generally shoddy website, it does actually have something going for it. Namely, being able to hook up with independent electronica artists, tell them your a budding DJ, post them some of your mixes, and then they send you their latest tracks to mix. I’m also suprised that some of the bigger names also actually take the time to respond personally, as opposed to employing some monkey that replies… hang on, it could have been a monkey, but at least they make the effort to pretend they are the artist.

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#1   fairy princess on 11.06.06 at 11:42 pm

I have sent it to you by icq

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