Locked into Blogger Beta

I’ve recently been playing around with my hosting account, getting things set up for my personal domain (http://ferrouswheel.info, but nothing at the root page yet). So far I’ve got my mixblog up and running so I can post more mixes, and maybe venture into the murky waters of mp3 blogging. Although I’m going to try and do it by getting permission from the copyright holders.

Anyhow, I also attempted to move THIS blog over there. I’m using WordPress as the blogging tool, which so far seems to be pretty nice, and it has the ability to import blogger/blogspot blogs. “Awesome” I thought, but the simplicity was misleading, because I had upgraded to Blogger Beta. Looking back I wasn’t even planning to upgrade but just thought on a whim I’d do it anyhow – *retrospective headdesk*.

All was not lost however. This clever person details a long, and detailed way of transferring your Blogger to WordPress. As they describe, it is a bit of a kludge to get there, and I’m currently not that keen to do so.

As an alternative I thought “Well, I’ll stick with Blogger then, but I’ll just use that FTP publishing tool that I saw a while back to publish to my webhost”, so off I went to the Settings page, but the FTP publishing was no longer there. Turns out that Blogger beta generates content dynamically, so no FTP posting for you unless you already were using it *headdesk x 2*.

Looks like I’ll have to take the long way of manually importing blogger to WordPress. Although this is good news for my bloggin friends, as they won’t have to update their links ;P.

( When I do change blogs I’ll buy those that need to change their links a chocolate bar to compensate them the trouble of have to change the URL. ‘Cause I’m a nice guy and all* )

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#1   Kiwi Rob on 10.30.06 at 4:29 pm

I too have a useless domain name to which I plan to migrate my blog.

The “Upgrade to Blogger Beta” documentation mentioned that hosting on other sites was a feature not present (nor practical) for their new dynamic system so I stayed away.

I think something could be worked out with the Atom publishing APIs, though — it would be a much cleaner solution than abusing templates for export.

The major roadblock for Atom is Blogger’s deliberate capping of history. You’d need to determine the IDs of your older posts with some other method (like the Web interface), because Blogger will only allow you to query the last 20 or so.

#2   Joel on 10.30.06 at 4:43 pm

Yeah, I read something about using the atom feed… perhaps I’ll investigate that.

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