JetPilot is approaching the runway

Thanks to the generousity of Dr. Hitchcock, I’ll be mixing on RDU next Thursday, 8:30-9:00pm, 19th October. This is the last 30 minutes of the Dr’s Mixtapes Sessions show that usually runs from 7-9pm on Thursdays.

Woot! I’ll be, like, famous (for 30 minutes at any rate)!

[ I’ll post the recorded mix afterwards for those people who are interested but can’t hear the radio in New Zealand, tch, slack asses 😛 ]

Edit: I’ll actually be starting at 8:20pm.


#1   Squirk on 10.12.06 at 5:59 pm

This is probably a good time to mention that
bFM (part of the same network as RDU) produce streaming Internet broadcasts of their radio programmes.

It even works for people out of the country, or on Xtra.

#2   Joel on 10.12.06 at 6:12 pm

Had a quick look, and couldn’t find anything about them streaming RDU specific stuff – still good for a listen though.

RDU is *meant* to have a shoutcast stream but it is down more often than not.

#3   Jungle Rhino on 10.12.06 at 10:33 pm

that’s awesome man, slip in some real crazy shit for me 😀

#4   Skarnz on 10.12.06 at 11:50 pm

This is cool bro. Anyone able to get a recording of this?

#5   Joel on 10.16.06 at 7:07 pm

Will do JR.

I’ll be recording it skarnz, so will let you know where you can get a copy 🙂

#6   Skarnz on 10.17.06 at 11:57 am


This reminds me of hte time you ran for president.


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