Lone wolf = awesome

After a brief conversation with Pagurus, we concluded that lone wolf is awesome. Whether we are talking about the Eels song or the RPG series. The dictionary even says so:


#1   Jon on 09.09.06 at 3:47 am

I just found out that one of the lone wolf gamebooks I have is very rare and copies are going for over $100 US on ebay. Not that I’d sell it of course. Lone Wolf is teh awesome!

#2   Joel on 09.09.06 at 9:52 pm

Awesome man, I had a full set of the first 20 or so books. Think they were first printings as well – at least the first couple were. They are stored somewhere in my parents house – hopefully somewhere dry!

#3   Jungle Rhino on 09.11.06 at 11:09 pm

So did you take Kai powers? I neverreally bothered and always got my ass handled to me by brain eating monsters…

It always started with “The creature shows no exterior signs of movement but you feel a strange sensaion within your mind… Do you have Kai Protection? if you do turn to 245. if not turn to page 124.”

Pg. 124

“You feel you mind slipping away as the Brain Feeding Beast of Blaargh devours your brain energies. Your adventure is over.”

#4   Joel on 09.13.06 at 7:31 pm

Of course I had Kai powers, they were awesome! ;P

Plus I was super tough because I kept the same character throughout the series.

#5   Jon on 09.26.06 at 5:20 am

It’s only the books after #20 that are rare, unfortunately.

And if I recall correctly Kai powers were pretty necessary in the magnakai books, not so much in the other ones. If you kept the same character throughout the whole series you ended up with some pretty absurd combat bonuses (+20 or so).

#6   Joel on 09.26.06 at 5:29 pm

dagnamit, i do have about 3 books between 20 and 25 i think. they were the first ones i got and later tracked the rest down.

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