JetPilot premiere

I finally pulled my concetration together long enough to record a mix of songs that sounds somewhat credible. There are a few rough edges, but it’s my first attempt and I had had a “few” drinks at the time too. I’ll probably submit it to the the Mixtape Sessions and if I’m lucky they’ll let me play live.

Without further ado: JetPilot – Friday mix 1.mp3

1. Goldfrapp – My number one
2. Superpitcher – Mushroom
3. Bosco – Hi & Hat
4. Dead Language – Optik
5. Daft Punk – The Brainwasher
6. Pet Shop Boys – A Red Letter Day
7. Miss Kittin – Stock Exchange
8. Hope – Tree frog
9. Animal Machine – Persona
10. Justice vs Simion – Never Be Alone
11. Daft Punk – Technologic
12. Blur – Girls and Boys
13. Minimal Compact – Deadly Weapons
14. The Juan Maclean – You can’t…
15. Babylon Zoo – Spaceman
16. Blur – Trade Stylee
17. The Faint – Agenda Suicide
18. Arkana – House on Fire
19. The Living Things – Bom Bom Bom
20. Guns & Bombs
21. Orbital – Doctor
22. Para One – Dadum Dan
23. Peaches – Fuck the Pain Away
24. The Futureheads – Skip to the End


#1   Jungle Rhino on 10.01.06 at 6:20 pm

haven’t had a chance to listen yet but I think in your next mix you should include: DJ Skinhead – Extreme Terror (The Pain Mix) 😀

Also have you listened to Spor yet? awesome D&B

#2   Joel on 10.01.06 at 6:43 pm

Having been trying to track down some Spor, but no good sources so far. Will track down the terror track too.

BTW, this mix is kind of electro/indie/80s stuff. I’ll probably do other genre’s too though.

#3   Jungle Rhino on 10.02.06 at 4:39 pm

hehe don’t bother tracking down the extreme terror track (unless you like industrial Gabber) I just picked that for it’s awesome name 🙂

There is Spor on Soulseek, actually ICQ me your Hamachi details and you can loot them from me tonight.

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