400 things to do and life too

Recently I finished reading Getting Things Done by David Allen, and this had led me to have about 20 lists for different “contexts” and “projects” with a total of around 400 things I need to do. It’s all about capturing everything that isn’t the way you want it – or “open loops” as the system calls them. The whole premise is, that once you have everything written down, you don’t have to worry about remembering them all and you can begin to relax because everything is down on those lists. Even if you’ll never get around to half the things, it certainly reduces stress and increases productivity. Another benefit is that when you are working/thinking, your mind is unhindered from having to remember trivial things. Mind-like-water is the term David Allen uses.

As a consequence of adopting this system I’ve been spewing out new ideas for websites. All of which have the potential to be pretty big. My friends and readers will already know about AmplifyMe – but that is a pretty huge project – and before I attempt that I think I’ll work on another much simpler idea, but one that I think would be pretty damn handy. This’ll be project for which I can get to grips with Ruby on Rails and agile web development. I’ll be using AJAX and Web 2.0 practices (Man, checkout the buzzwords, it’s like I’m Awesome 3.4 and Sassy 5.2, or maybe just TTH – Trying Too Hard).


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