My first second authorship

After a year or so of trying to get this published, my colleague finally succeeded – which is good news for me since I’m the second author (I built the software the research is based on).

Association of poly-purine/poly-pyrimidine sequences with meiotic recombination hot spots

Now I just have to start publishing some first authorship papers.

Edit: Booyah! The same day I write this post I get a response on my phenology modelling paper where I’m first author. The reviewers comments are just minor fixes to my writing – so once I’ve made the changes, I’ve got a paper. This makes me very happy. Although I’ll still be cautious until the paper is actually in print.


#1   Bob on 08.16.06 at 3:32 am

Wicked! Well done Dr Pitt. Now if I could only understand the paper… I need a Joel-o-translator.

#2   Joel on 08.16.06 at 3:44 pm

Thanks Bob! 🙂

#3   Jungle Rhino on 08.16.06 at 5:14 pm

Congratulations, I’m sure you can give us a summary (with pictures) to explain what those big long words mean 🙂

#4   Skarnz on 08.17.06 at 8:58 am

Haa. Judging by the other comments I might leave the reading therof until I’m feeling…intellectual.

Props, tho; Bro!

Soon to be a doctor, and muliti-published one at that, woo!

#5   Joel on 08.17.06 at 3:43 pm

Cheers guys!

#6   Jon on 08.18.06 at 2:18 am

Congrats Joel that’s academic paper-riffic!

#7   Squirk on 09.16.06 at 4:04 am

What’s the use of being a doctor unless you are also a ninja?

#8   Joel on 09.16.06 at 4:32 pm

Good point Squirk. I shall have to also train in Ninjitsu once I’ve finished studying.

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