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WoW animation

This an animation made for some guys voice during an Onyxia raid.

It is pretty funny – no wonder online gamers are sometimes considered a bit “weird”.

DJ Jet Pilot

I would like to announce my transition into a superstar DJ.

Hence forth I will be known as DJ JetPilot* (Jet Pilot being an awesome anagram of my name).
This is all in aid of me obtaining a Herculers DJ Console Mk2 – I now mash up the place with my ultra mixing styles. In fact, the DJ console can use external inputs and use mp3’s, so in essence my mixing will be based on a HYBRID STYLE. Those in the know will appreciate this fact.

So far in my first planned mix of songs is:

How does one mix such varied songs? Raw skill is how – which means I’m in trouble 😛

*As I don’t think although that much of prefixing artist names with DJ, I may drop the DJ part.

Singularity on the Radio

National Public Radio (NPR) in the States had a show on the singularity, you can listen to it here. Has interviews with Vinge and Doctorow.

Good to see that the singularity is becoming more publicised – although whether the public will react with abject fear or even seriously think about it is another matter.

Personal responsibility

I’m going to have a rant about personal reponsibility. Specifically the responsibility parents have for their kids. This was inspired by the Canterbury District Health Board proposal mentioned at Stuff for GST to be cut from fresh fruit and vegetables and a fat tax to be added.

Now, since I am an opportunist vegetarian* I should be jumping for joy because this’d save me money. But it irks me in the same way as the spending of the New Zealand surplus proposed by the two major political parties in New Zealand does (tax breaks and interest free student loans, both a waste of money that could be put towards social services, research, or commercial development). Well, maybe not in exactly the same way, but they both seem misguided.

Our society is obsessed with finding excuses for why our children are fat, unhealthy, and lack respect. Well, I’ve got an idea, but it is kind of crazy… maybe, just maybe, the parents are the ones that are reponsible for how their children develop. That includes what they eat and how they behave – but this actually takes effort on the part of parents and in today’s quick gratificiation culture raising children properly doesn’t seem to factor into this. Just as an example of why I think this – my partner, while working briefly at certain corporation mentioned something one of her work mates said: that they just throw some chicken nuggets and chips in the oven for their kids to eat for dinner. Now, I’m not saying that this is overly bad as a one off occasion, but as a stable diet (as the person implied at the time) without any vegetables** or even any non-processed food is just wrong – and they wonder why children are fat? Let alone the story of the mother who fed Milo to her baby and rotted it’s teeth out.

This whole thing reminds me of the pissy debate about violent video-games being a bad-influence on children, where basically the pro-side of this view says that we should ban violent games yada yada they cause people to shoot everyone at their school yada yada, while the con-side says something like “what about the millions of people that play these games and are perfectly fine examples of human beings?” before going on to say that parents should be the ones controlling what their kids play, watch etc. In other words, Personal repsonsibility god damnit.

I’m sure being a parent is tough – but somehow a large number of people do cope. Our parents coped (although we may disagree on this point) and there was plenty of junk food and bad influences available then (remember Grunge? Or way before that… the devil’s Rock and Roll?). We sold chocolate bars for fundraising, this is almost a culturally ingrained thing for schools – you wouldn’t tell Māori’s to put on t-shirts while performing a Haka because they might get skin cancer. Sure I hated selling chocolate bars as a kid but it was just part of school, don’t remove the chocolate bar fundraising – it isn’t going to stop kids getting fat.

* I don’t have problems eating meat if I have to, but given the choice I’d prefer a vegetarian alternative.
** No, potatoes chopped into chips and dunked in oil are not counted as vegetables, sorry.

Edit: fixed some grammar and mispelt words. I hate my tendency to replace words with those that sound the same.

OMG Sopwith

apt-get install sopwith


RepeatFinder 1.0.0

Finally I get around to releasing the DNA matching program I wrote for the Molecular Ecology Lab at Canterbury University.

RepeatFinder is an exclusive and optimal repeating DNA motif matcher. I’m still not sure if that is the best way to describe it, but it’ll do for now.

Next step: publish an application note in a bioinformatics journal.