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Kraftwerk ringtone

Because I am a geek of both musical and computer things, I have made the ringtone on my iPAQ pda/cellphone into a section of the Kraftwerk song Autobahn. The same phrase as per this Diesel Sweeties strip.

It is awesome. Now I just need someone to ring me!

Snowing in NZ

It’s been snowing in New Zealand, so I took a photo.

I am amazing because I am a million feet tall. *

* Actual height may vary

The Blind King nods slowly. “Now, at last, it begins.”

Shadowmarch – Tad Williams

Shadowmarch is touted as an “epic fantasy”, and while very good I was disappointed because I wasn’t aware it was the first of a trilogy of books. I got to the end and was quite confused about why a side story had no interaction with the main one. Despite this Tad’s work has grown on me since I read first War of the Flowers and now this.

It’s fantasy which is a departure from the more scifi-ish stuff that I enjoy, but the strong and yet very mortal characters make it engrossing and although faeries (as in a mystical group of creatures rather than their sexual orientation) exist, everything that is fantastical in the book is treated in a subtle way. The existance of “magic”, or fantastical creatures is almost as shocking to the characters as it would be to us.

The main story deals with a brother and sister, twins, who find themselves the reigning monarchs of a region – the events leading to their empowerment are tragic and yet these are only the beginning of further worries.

7/10 swords. It would be more if it had said somewhere on the book that it was a trilogy!

Who killed the electric car?