Windows sucks

After failing to activate my copy of Windows XP x64 I had to reinstall and will make sure I do activate it now <cough cough>. However, on installation I forgot about the lovely behaviour of Windows. “I’m going to overwrite your MBR without even telling you”. My response was “Fuck off and die” but in and of itself this isn’t very productive.

Instead there are a couple of options:
Doing a mock install or
Backing up the mbr, or using the install CD to access a command prompt

When will MS stop being arrogant and pushy?

Prediction: Never


#1   andrew brown on 05.03.06 at 5:46 pm

I agree and I don’t agree. What I would like to see, is two ways to use Windows. Retards and Power-Users.

Writing over the MBR by default is great for people who don’t know anything about computers, because most people when faced with a question like “Do you want to overright the MBR” would freak out.

Us on the other hand want to keep GRUB (or the freeBSD bootloader. REPRE$$ENT) on their MBR and there are a million little things I’d like Windows to do to.

ACCEPT that other people use other OS’s. Have a decent command line that can actually do things and can be ssh (or similar) in to. FORCE people to have users and not be administrators. Support for other file systems and also network systems (I hate setting up Samba)

Remember the comment I said about OSX? When people realise that Vista is rubbish and doesn’t come with most of the stuff that was going to set it apart from XP, and then notice that you can buy a Mac with “bootcamp” and dual boot into Windows, and then use OSX instead of Windows, they’re going to realise that Windows is a pile of ass. The ONLY good thing about Windows imo is .NET which is so awesome it’s not funny.

UNIX$LYFE (and BSD is where it is at..)

#2   Joel on 05.03.06 at 6:05 pm

Yeah, I have no problem with MS making overwriting the MBR the default option – however it isn’t too hard to put a check box in one of the tabs that can be deactivated. It can be hidden away, and can even mention “only uncheck this box if you have another OS, must users should leave it checked” or some such.

The command line in windows is poo, but I always throw mingw on it and that solves the problem.

And yes, they should support other filing systems. They are crippling there own software by not including drivers. The worst thing however is reporting non-MS partitions as “Unknown”, I mean all they have to include is the standard partition codes and report what they are, even if they refuse to support them.

While they are at it they should remove the troubleshooter in Windows. It has never solved a problem for me (yet for some reason I keep trying, I must be a masochist).

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