Enlightenment e17

e17 is nice, and elegant – oh so elegant. But it’s been in development for along time now and although they say it’ll be very unique when it arrives I think they will have missed their chance to make a spash in the linux desktop market.

You see, compiz and xgl were released earlier in the year. And they look pretty sweet (60 meg video, (pics from video). I think that by the time e17 is released, people will expect support for the snazzy bang of 3d accelerated desktops. Rasterman, the lead developer of e17, seems quite set in avoiding the whole opengl desktop thing – at least for e17’s direction.

I think the stuff in e17 is very nice, the code is efficient, fast, and excellently designed. As are the supporting Enlightenment foundation libraries (EFL). However, I’m staying with KDE for the time being until the interface is more intuitive – there are still annoying little quirks that bug me although they’ll probably be resolved when e17’s fabled release date comes around.


#1   andrew brown on 04.20.06 at 10:06 pm

so do you use ubuntu or kubuntu then? or not ubuntu at all?

#2   Joel on 04.20.06 at 10:16 pm

I installed kubuntu, but there is basically no difference between them. If you install gnome on kubuntu you have the same interface as default ubuntu. And vice versa.

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