Babylon Zoo – The boy with the X-ray eyes.

An obscure one hit wonder band you ask? Why yes. If you were alive around 1994 you no doubt remember the track “Spaceman” which I shall now perform:

“Spaaaace man, I always wanted you to go into Spaaaace man. Intergalatic chri-ist”

…ahem. Anyway, I bought the CD years later on the basis of liking the single, and I actually think it pretty good, although I know that many other people would think it is crap. Basically it is electro-rock with a hint of new-agey influence. Part of the appeal for me was the lyrics – although I’m not sure whether they are great or just medicore, they just resonated with me. Although with a song about caffeine, how could it not?

It was a pity that they were relegated one-hit wonder status. The commericalised Spaceman probably made serious music aficionadoes ignore them, and their album isn’t as easily accessible as a pop group would need to be.


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