New computer

Baring nuclear holocaust or an adverse reaction to oxygen I will be getting a new machine at the end of March/beginning of April to play Oblivion.

So far it consist of:

  • CPU – AMD Athlon 64 3500+ 2.2GHz Socket 939
  • Memory – 2 x 1GB PC3200 PC3300 DDR400 SDRAM
  • Videocard – GeForce 7800 GT 256MB PCI Express
  • Motherboard – Asustek A8N-E nForce4-Ultra Socket 939
  • DVD – Pioneer DVR-110 16x DL
  • LCD monitor – Samsung SyncMaster 940B 19″ 8ms
  • Hard drive – 250GB SATA-II Barracuda HDD

The fact thoughts of this makes me salivate either says I’m an extreme geek, very sad, or both

(alternatively I could have Rabies or have an insatiable appetite for electronic componentry)

Any suggestions or recommendations for particular brands are very welcome.


#1   Jungle Rhino on 03.13.06 at 1:05 am

Joel Joel Joel you newb you want a 7900GT!!! they are only about $600 and way better than a 7800!!

btw I am getting a computere very simmilar to that to play Oblivion on too.

#2   fairy princess on 03.13.06 at 1:22 am

you will get it if you are lucky ben!

#3   Joel on 03.13.06 at 1:41 pm

Well to tell the truth I wasn’t sure I’d get a 7800, I might spend half as much and get a 6600 – but then that is quite crappy.


Go read the latest comics. All about breaking into Bethesda to steal Oblivion.

#4   Jungle Rhino on 03.13.06 at 4:01 pm

get a 7600 then, they are releasing them shortly and they will be pwnage budget cards. Also expect the price of 7800 to drop a it too.

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