Coca(ine) Cola

I bought some coke but I couldn’t play the free song that was supposedly under the lid. I read the requirements and saw that they were in bed with Microsoft.

They also like blaming apple for Microsoft’s behaviour:
“Mac users. Because Apple has decided they wouldn’t support the Microsoft Digital Rights Management in the Mac version of Windows Media Player you can’t use CokeTunes on a Mac.”

Umm, it is a MICROSOFT product. Not Apples fault sorry (although if someone knows of an explanation of why this could be Apples fault I’m all ears).

So, insensed, I wrote an email to Coke (not entirely in a serious tone):

I would just like to register my annoyance that you do not support firefox with coketunes. Despite Internet Explorer being crap and insecure, it is also not very good for Coke’s image. Firefox is much cooler 😛

Plus using a proprietry format like WMA instead of MP3/OGG is additionally annoying. DRM is a waste of time, in doesn’t stop people from hacking it. DRM inconveniences legal customers by imposing restrictions on the use of their purchase while illegal downloaders get none of the restrictions, giving people an additional reason to pirate media.


It’ll be interesting to see if they ignore me.

UPDATE: Yes, they do ignore me.


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