Nochnoy dozor (Night Watch)

Finally a vampire movie that doesn’t exude cheesiness. Although that isn’t strictly true about it being a vampire movie since it is about other supernatural creatures too.

The basic story goes that there is an eternal struggle between light and darkness. This has been going on since an evenly matched ancient battle was called to truce, with a prophecy that one day a great Other would appear and have to choose between light and dark. The side choosen is prophesised to become victorious. Okay, that does sound kind of cliche, but it is still cool and epic.

Night watch is the name of the Light forces. They keep an eye on the Dark, and conversely the Day Watch monitors the Light. All the supernaturals are called Others.

What I loved most about this movie is the CGI and the absence of polish. The CGI is just there, they don’t needlessly call your attention to it. For example, a small indoors fight is going on and a shapeshifter transforms into a tiger and attacks a bad guy, okay pretty normal, but this is in the background and I don’t think it was even in focus.

The whole look and feel of the movie is also really REAL. Which can’t be said about Blade or Underworld or any of the other average movies out there (Queen of the damned was an exception, I liked that). The rooms are messy and untidy, they look like real people’s abodes.

So if you hadn’t guessed yet. I liked this movie lots, although the ending is a bit weak and odd, but then it is meant to be a trilogy. Hopefully they don’t screw up the others like they did with the Matrix.

( BTW, this film is in Russian and has the best damn subtitle effects I’ve seen. )

( BTW, look out for the coffee brand that has obviously paid for product placement. )

5 out of 6 litres of blood (6 litres being the amount in the average human body)

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#1   Jungle Rhino on 02.04.06 at 6:25 am

Ah movies about supernatural forces of good and evil always kick ass. Prophecy would be a personal favourite of mine – Christopher Walken kicks arse.

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