KDE has lured me

I’m afraid it is true. I have finally abandoned GNOME (after being loyal for 6+ years) for KDE. I was curious as to what KDE was like these days and after mucking around in it for a week, I don’t want to leave.

There is a nice summary here about some of the reasons why. The only thing I’m having trouble with is letting go of Firefox to use Konqueror…

[ amarok (not winamp) whips the llama’s ass ]


#1   Bob on 01.20.06 at 2:17 pm

I disown you!

Haven’t used Amarok but have been liking Banshee under Gnome.

#2   Joel on 01.20.06 at 5:19 pm

You should really check it out, it has changed an awful lot. Plus QT is GPL’ed now!

#3   Bob on 01.22.06 at 10:04 am

QT has been GPL’d for years now… 😛

I used to use KDE way way back. I really really liked the KIOSlaves and Gnome does not have any decent equivalent yet.

The thing I didn’t like was the amount of stuff in KDE. Gnome was a bit like that at the time so I used Windowmaker then Blackbox. I went back to Gnome when it got simpler – If I want power I use the command line 🙂

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