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KDE has lured me

I’m afraid it is true. I have finally abandoned GNOME (after being loyal for 6+ years) for KDE. I was curious as to what KDE was like these days and after mucking around in it for a week, I don’t want to leave.

There is a nice summary here about some of the reasons why. The only thing I’m having trouble with is letting go of Firefox to use Konqueror…

[ amarok (not winamp) whips the llama’s ass ]

The best comic ever

He is a doctor AND a ninja. ’nuff said.

Dr McNinja

The Best of 2005

2005 was an incredibly eventful year. Not all these events were good things, but it all contributed to making me feel stronger and generally more confident in the end. As did getting up to orange belt in Kung Fu, and travelling on my own to the US and Canada.

Thus I present my Best of 2005…

Best TV showHouse, I don’t actually watch TV and this is the only current non-cartoon live action series I watched and liked

Best gameWorld of Warcraft, I didn’t have time to play anything else, though I hear F.E.A.R. is good.

Most overhyped gameSplinter Cell 3 – Chaos Theory, I have little time to play games and I wasted some on completing this. The story is boring, game is limited and really short. I only finished it because I bought it when my reasoning was impaired by a hangover.

Best albums

None sorry. The only one the comes close is Nine Inch Nails – With Teeth, but despite initial promise and a pretty good concert it has become rather soso.

Oh wait, I just realised that Interpol – Antics and The Mars Volta – Frances The Mute came out this year. I like them consistently.

Best past albums

I have a tendency to ignore the current music acts and releases and explore the past. So my new acquisitions are more often than not old albums.

The Stills – Logic will break your heart
Joy Division – Permanent
Orb – U.F.Orb
Squarepusher – Do you know Squarepusher?

Best exercise

Wide pull ups – Damn they are hard.

Best kung fu move

Front kick – I suck at all the others currently.

Best new saying

“Why would you do that?”