USB HDD Syncronisation

As I mentioned earlier I got a USB enclosure for my laptop’s HDD. I had some serious troubles getting it working. In the end, after discussions with the seller of the enclosure it turned out that the USB enclosure wasn’t meant to have weird unprintable characters in its vendor name so I sent it back to be replaced. Viola! The replacement works like a charm and I’ve been enjoying the benefits of being able to have a copy of all my work and the current tv series I’m watching etc etc all on hand. Plus the case is shiny.

Anyhow, after getting this drive working I’m now interested in tools to automate the process of keeping my work up to date. Plus it needs to work in Linux and Windows and be run from a command line so it can be automated.
Unison is the tool that fits the job.

I’ll go further in depth when I actually set it up exactly how I want with example profile files (A profile defines a directory to synchronise). It’ll most likely involve creating hotplug scripts to automatically launch unison in linux when I connect the drive. Anybody know of a windows solution for executing a script when a USB device with a particular ID is attached?


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