A while back I got to thinking about how there are so many levels of information and also of creativity. Alot of popular media these days is actually just a compilation of pre-existing creative works – resulting in what I’m going to call the subcreative process of compilation.

Examples of this process are link permeated sites like slashdot and other various places. Although this could be argued as being news, the actual content is usually created on other sites and just summarised on slashdot. Of course shashdot adds in the whole aspect of community and discussion of the news, so that part is novel.

Also, DJing and the process of mixing music has taken off in the last decade as a alternative to music that is performed in a traditionally instrumental way. The DJ compiles tracks and adds their own spin onto how the tracks merge and overlay on one another.

I suspect that human culture has only recently become large and in depth enough to support this niche for compilations.

This has been a night time musing and shouldn’t be taken overly seriously.


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