(un)Zen and the art stress of PhD

I wanted to further my explanation of how to stay organised, however I feel distinctly unorganized as if I’m just floating around aimlessly. This is apparently to be expected now and then in doing “research”, and granted I have been in this position before and come out of it in a flurry of activity. Instead of continuing the last post this will be an intermission, part 1.5 if you will. I’ll try and come up with some stress relief ideas. Bear in mind that this is probably more for me than anyone else, but if other find it helpful then that’s great.

The Physical

So the first thing I could think of to relieve my stress and the “voices” in my head was to go and work out at the gym, which I generally do anyhow. I always feel high on endorphins afterwards, and I usually do it at the end of the day to release all my tension. However, I think it would be much more useful to go in the morning so that the endorphins can help me during the day instead of just in the evening.

Also I’ve started Kung Fu (only 1 session so far, but it seems good), and this along with most other martial arts is bound to help stress.

The Mental

Now to combat the source of the stress. My incessant thinking of possibilities. I think the best idea for me is to start meditating at some time during the day, just to clear my head. There is another solution, and that is to cut my 7 cups of coffee a day down to only a couple, or none at all. By a startling coincidence, “none at all” is exactly how much chance there is of that happening right now. Besides, I’ve pretty much quit smoking and that is meant to better stress levels, even though I’d really love a smoke right now.


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