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Review: Red Prophet – Orson Scott Card

I’ve got a bunch of stuff in a queue to review, so I’ll do my best to catch up over the next few days.

Red Prophet – Orson Scott Card

This is the second book in The Tales of Alvin Maker series. It carries on from the last one where Alvin is being sent away to apprentice as a black smith. The story flows on from the previous one, with the narrative matching whichever character is in focus. I actually really like style now, since it gets you inside their head but even so the characters have their mysteries.

The main theme for this story is the conflict between Native Americans and the white settlers, and the French are there with Napoleon making an entrance (this is an alternate history, so don’t be telling me Napolean didn’t go to America… I know 😛 ). The close ties between land and magic are further developed, and Alvin becomes a super medic.

Another good quick read – and once I find the next in the series I’ll no doubt read that too.