Review – The Seventh Son – Orson Scott Card

This is my first attempt at actually seriously reviewing something – other than scientific literature, so please bear with me while I develop a groove.

The Seventh Son is relatively short and also an easy read – although I’ve always found Card’s novels have a flow about them that carry the story along. These two points made it one of the fastest books I’ve read in a while. It is the beginning of a series called “The tales of Alvin Maker” where Alvin Maker is the seventh son of a seventh son which endows him with certain mystical talents. The world in which it based is when America was still the frontier, but in this reality things such as magic exist and the forces of nature have a will.

The writing style is done in a manner that reflects the character whose point of view it is, and alot of times this Alvin’s view as he grows up, although he only gets to the age of a teenager by the end of the first book. Thus the mannerisms (what is the voice equivalent?) of the characters can get a bit of getting used to but really add to their depth.

There is a bit of a good vs. evil theme going on, although it isn’t really clear which side is good since the Church is portrayed as being self-righteous and not really accepting how the world really is (although really this isn’t much different to reality…). However even the child protaganist Alvin is alluded to have the capacity to use his mystical ability for the wrong.

All in all a nice read and I’ve got the second book which I’ll start reading now.


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