Movie Review – Supersize Me

I finally got round to watching this movie while I ironically was eating my dinner – okay it would have been even more ironic if I had been eating McDonalds. And this gives an idea about what it is about. A guy decides to eat only McDonalds for 30 days, and if they don’t sell it he can’t eat it. That includes drinks – so he has to buy water from them.

It was a documentary in the vein of Michael Moore’s films, except their wasn’t so much of the trying to change things. However McDonalds apparently started offering a Premium Salads selection after the movie was released so at least that is something…

I highly commend the guys commitment to his cause – by the end of it his body was seriously not liking him abusing it. It almost Jackass-like, except there was actually a reason for doing it.

Okay documentary – but most people already know about America being full of fat lazy people (but that isn’t me saying that all American’s are fat and lazy – just the majority :P).


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