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Too much creatuve juice

So, I tried to drink to inspire myself but I’ve ended up equally uninspired and sad.

As a bonus I bought the Nirvana boxed set and I am listening to that right now. This of course doesn’t get me any closer to make my own music, but I can revel in a drunken bliss as I listen to music that I would have loved to have made myself.

I think the best idea is to start doing something creative and then drink. Not the other way round, since it doesn’t work.

Nothing yet.

Update – 3rd day off February and nothing of substance produced. I am bad.

Although I have set up and checked computer connections, as well as configured software to work properly. After that I just listened to my old songs with alternating states of “this is embarrassing” to “did i do this? man, it’s cool!”. Of course I can’t use any of these songs, because it would be cheating, but the cool songs were gratifying.

What am I doing to myself?

I have registered for FAWM

…really, why am I starting another of these ludicrous endeavours to do something when I have no time to do the things I already am supposed to be doing? Ah I guess I just have to be busy or I’ll stop and think and get depressed and cry and plunge into a drug induced coma.

On a more positive note: I am going to log my attempt here. This may have the effect of me feeling really bad when I have to write “I did nothing musically today” and so guilt trip me into actually doing something.

( I must point the finger at wildebeestasylum for getting me into this)